Kindness Works

We are celebrating Kindness!

  • Why – because one act of kindness can make a great impact.
  • How – from Feb 18 to March 18 we are doing acts of kindness throughout our community. We will be thanking firefighters, health workers, librarians, and many others that serve our community.

Kindness Works Day

We are culminating our kindness in hosting an afternoon of kindness from 11 am to 2 pm. Where we are being kind and encouraging others to be kind.

  • We are severing a kind and free lunch at 12 noon
  • We will have fun activities for kids to focus on kindness
  • A free workshop on how to be kind and helpful to those going through crisis
  • An opportunity to be kind through a silent auction that supports our local “JW House” charity.

Kindness Education

1) Our workshop on kindness is given by a family that has gone through crisis. They were travelling to see family for Christmas when their 18 month year old daughter became sick and was diagnosed with cancer. They will be sharing their story and speaking about how to be kind to those that are going through crisis.

2) Many of our activates for kids will be focus on teaching kindness. For example, they could design a thank you card for a police officer, or build a blessing bag for a displaced person.

3) A representative from the “JW House” will be on hand to answer any questions and give us information on how we can be a help to their charity.

Partnering in Kindness

Mary has been to the doctor’s office five times last week for her child’s diabetic concerns. She is now scheduled to have 5 more appointments in 2 days. This hospital is a 2 hour drive without traffic. A social worker realizes her hectic appointment schedule and tells her about a low priced apartment (JW House) that is walking distance from the hospital. Kindness has made a huge difference for Mary and her family during a time of crisis. This act of kindness introduces practical care, relieves stress, and encourages hope. During our Kindness Works Day, we are going to have a silent auction where all the proceeds go to the “JW House.”  ( Please come and partner with us to support this kind and local charity.

The One Act of Great Impact

One act of kindness has had a great impact on our lives and has inspired us to be kind. The infectious kindness of Jesus is illustrated in many Bible events from his care for the poor, for the handicap, and for the socially displaced. But the kind act that had the greatest impact in our lives is Jesus’ death and resurrection.  He gave his life as a pardon for our wrongs to others and to God. (Titus 3:4) Campbell Baptist Church is celebrating this kindness by intentionally being kind to our community, by supporting a local charity, and by educating others in kindness.