2014 Goals


A Note from the Pastor about the 2014 Goals

This last Sunday we took a break from studying the sermons of Christ and studied Gal 2:20 which is our “vision verse” for 2014. This verse emphasizes our need to consistently strengthen our commitment to Christ. Paul and Peter were in the midst of a great conflict. Peter’s actions of not eating with the Gentiles were teaching that the Old Testament Law still needed to be followed. Paul corrects Peter publicly and answers some objections. One of the objections was that Christ’s forgiveness undermined the Law as a basis for righteous living (Gal. 2:17-19). Paul answers this objection with a new standard for righteous living which is to live for Christ instead of the Law. Today, some may struggle with living after the Law in a works based religion, but most people, even many Christians struggle with living for themselves. Galatians 2:20 encourages us to die to self which means to stop living for yourself and to start living a life representing Christ. When we make this commitment to Christ, our self-focused lives are changed to become Christ-focused. Then, we begin to make hard choices that affect everyday life from our entertainment, to our daily scheduling, and even within our close relationships. This commitment was illustrated to me recently by my grandfather. As he struggled with some medical complications in the last weeks of his life, he was asked if he would like medical treatment to be rehabilitated or to be comforted. His response reflected his desire to honor God when he stated “I just want God’s will…” This year we may not be faced with a life or death decision, but we will all face decisions that either honor self or honor God.  This year let’s strive together to strengthen our relationship with Christ and honor God.

Workday Success

The church workday was a great success. The upstairs girl’s bathroom is now handicap friendly, the nursery is now painted and the speakers are fixed, the children’s church area is now organized, and many windows are now cleaned. Thank you so much to those that help care for the Church building this past Saturday.



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