A Christmas Reminder

A Note From the Pastor

During this Christmas season we give gifts to those that we love. Did you know that God has given gifts to His children as well? Ephesians 4:11-16 speaks about three great gifts that the Lord has given to his family. This passage first mentions apostles, prophets, evangelist, and pastors; these are gifts of people that God has placed into your life to help build you up in the Lord. Second, the Lord has given us Jesus Christ not only to pay for our sins, but also to become our model of godly living. He is our counselor, mediator, and friend. Thirdly, the Lord has given us the church, not the building, but a community of relationships that bring comfort and strength to build one another up in love. Our Lord God did not just give one gift, baby Jesus, many years ago, but He continues to give gifts to His children often wrapped in the personal relationship of Jesus Christ and the personal relationships between His children.

Candle Light Service

Our Candlelight Christmas Service is on  Dec. 22nd at 6:00 PM. This service is a wonderful opportunity to invite friends and family that may never come to a regular church service. Also, this service is an opportunity to set the spiritual tone for the week of Christmas and enjoy the following:

  • Christmas Carols
  • Special Music
  • Reading of the Christmas Story
  • Message of love and hope
  • Coffee, hot chocolate, and cookie refreshment to follow

Don’t Forget! The days before Christmas can become filled with festive events and endless shopping. We will strive not to forget a loved one’s gift by making lists and putting out reminders. In all the preparations of Christmas don’t forget to set aside some time to spend with the Lord. Whether it is coming to a candle light service that sets the spiritual tone for your Christmas week or using the extra days off to spend time with the Lord, don’t forget about our great Savior, Jesus Christ this Christmas.

Merry Christmas

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