A Growing Soil

Around this time last year, my family and I planted a vegetable garden. We enjoyed being outside, watching how big our plants would grow and eating some of the fruits of our labors. As many of you know, the growth of our plants was good, but nothing compared to our friends garden. For example, our tomato plant grew to be three to four feet tall, but our friends tomatoes grew to be six feet or taller. What was the difference? The soil was prepared with better fertilizer, and the plants were near bees to pollinate every flower. In our spiritual growth with God, what is the difference between those that seem to have a vibrant growing relationship with God and those that seem to have a stagnate or motionless relationship with God? Jesus gives us some insight into answering this question in His parable of the four soils (Matthew 13:1-23). The first three soils have poor growing conditions of either a lack of understanding, a lack of maturity, or a lack of priority. The last soil is much different because it is fertile ground. This ground is fertile because has a teachable heart that purposefully places itself to hear the Word of God, and then to apply the Word of God in one’s life even to the extent that spiritual fruit is produced. When we read our Bible with the intent to apply it to our lives or when we commit to hearing the Word of God preach in our local Church, we are cultivating good ground for our spiritual growth. When we attend Sunday School, Sunday Evening, or weekly Bible studies we are adding fertilizer to our spiritual ground. Remember, that when fertilizer is added to a garden the plants grow stronger and produce more fruit. How is your spiritual soil? Does it need some fertilizing?

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