“I miss communion” said a retired Pastor. There are many relationships and opportunities that are rewarding in church life, but communion holds a special place of worship with the Lord and His church. Communion in its simplest form is the opportunity to remember and celebrate Christ’s redeeming work. The action of receiving a broken piece of bread, a cup of grape juice, praying and meditating on Christ’s provision of forgiveness together is such a privilege. It is an action that all believers of the church can participate in by celebrating the very actions of redemption that brought the church community together. In fact, during this time of remembrance participants can strengthen their relationships with the Lord or others through self-evaluation and forgiveness. Communion is also a wonderful time to teach others of the redeeming unity of Christ through the object lessons of bread and juice. I can remember asking my parents as a small boy about the significance of the elements and their explanations of Christ’s death and resurrection. Although the actions of communion are fairly routine, eating and drinking, there is rich symbolism that reminds us of Christ’s precious blood that was poured out for us on a cruel cross and His body that was broken through a painful death. Communion reminds us of the extreme sacrifice of The Lamb that was caused by my careless sin. The depth of God’s love was revealed to us by the wonders of God’s redemptive plan to provide forgiveness and ultimately a close relationship between a redeemed sinner and the Holy God. What a rich and beautiful way the Lord has asked us to remember His redeeming act.

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