Trusting a Mentor

Trusting a mentor can be a difficult task. Allowing someone to know and to advise our motivations, behaviors, or skills leaves us vulnerable.  There is a fear of being judged as inept or foolish.  Overcoming this fear can be done through an understanding of the mentor’s expertise, but a superior trust can be gained when the follower believes that the mentor genuinely desires the best life for his followers.  Mentors from the sports field to the military battle field that were concerned not only for the task, but also for what was best for the life of the individual had a significant lifelong impact on others. This impact is no different for Jesus Christ and his followers. In John 17, Jesus’ prayer reveals His desire for those that are following Him not just to complete a task of Christian maturity or even the task of spreading the gospel, but He desires the best for the life of the individual follower. Jesus gives his followers eternal life (John 17:2).  He gives them great honor (John 17:1 & 22).  Jesus protects (keep) them from evil (John 17:11-12). Remember that as a follower obeys many of His principles and commands they are kept from much of the consequences of evil choices. Jesus’ prayer continues to reveal His desire that His followers would have unity with each other and God (John 17:11, 21-23). He is concerned about His follower’s emotional health that they may have joy (John 17:13) and love (John 17:26) in their hearts. He even defines this love as the same love that God the Father has for the Son. Lastly, Jesus sacrificially gives His followers a gift which they could never afford, the gift of holiness (John 17:19). This holiness makes His followers right with God in every aspect of their lives, all because of Jesus’ payment of sin on the cross. A follower of Jesus Christ can whole heartily trust and faithfully follow Him because He desires the very best for their lives. Trusting a mentor can be a difficult task, but trusting Jesus Christ as our mentor is made easier when we understand that Jesus desires the best for our lives.

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