What is a Truth Seeker? 

A Truth Seeker is someone who unashamedly and passionately seeks the truth, regardless of where that truth leads them. For the Christian, it is seeking the truth from God’s Word, the Bible, and learning how to apply it into our lives.

What will this study do for me?

The design of the Truth Seekers series is to help shape your daily decision process, help you to discover how to ask the right questions, and help you to learn how to dig into God’s Word and use it in application to the questions you face in your life.

Throughout our study, we will learn how to think on our own, how to evaluate a problem from a biblical perspective, and how to develop our own personal Christian standards for living.

One of the best ways of understanding what God expects of us in our decision making process is to study who God is, His characteristics, and how He thinks. The more we study God, the more we will learn to understand His desires.

When you purchase a gift for someone, you typically do not choose something that you like best or something that you want out of it, but instead you would consider the person that you are buying the gift for. You would think about their needs, their likes and dislikes, what might make them the happiest. We do this all of the time.

And yet, though our lives belong to Christ, we so often do not ask Him those same kind of questions. We have a tendency to bring Christ along with us, just adding Him in to our daily routine instead of stopping and considering what His needs are, His likes and dislikes, and what would make Him the happiest.

In Truth Seekers, we are literally remaking our foundations. From the time that we are born, we build a foundation on our own desires and our own wants. We add to it the things that we like, the foods we like, the desires that we want to fulfill and so on. When we become a Christian, we have a tendency to add God on our list and we make an effort to add Him in to our daily lives. We even try to, at times, make Him more important than everything else. 

Allowing God to be our foundation changes our entire way of thinking and although you may find it simple in some applications, you will find it quite challenging in others. We need to stop asking ourselves what I get out of each situation and start asking ourselves what will most glorify God through our lives. When our foundation changes, our questions change, and when we seek to apply the answers to those questions to our lives, our whole perspective changes.