151 Sunnyside Ave., Campbell, CA
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Pastor Geoff Stiekes

In 2011, God started Pastor Geoff Stiekes on an incredible journey that led him to where he is today as the Pastor of Campbell Baptist Church. Pastor Geoff and his wife Tracy were living in Michigan where he worked as a general contractor and she was a nurse. Ever since Tracy finished nursing school, they daydreamed together about the possibility of travel nursing one day. God began to lay on both of their hearts the excitement of starting this unknown adventure. A few months before they were planning on leaving, they heard several messages about sharing the love of Jesus with their neighbors. It was during this time that they realized that they were going to have a lot of different neighbors as they moved from place to place. Although this was an exciting prospect, it was also daunting, so they dedicated this part of their lives to the Lord with an emphasis on loving Him and encouraging others. They decided that if they were going to go, they would let God direct where they went and help wherever they could. As God stretched their faith from place to place, He proved that He is always faithful and takes care of even the littlest details. With each new location, Tracy would work at a local hospital while Geoff would volunteer at a local church, using his general contractor skills and his experience in ministry. He would help in whatever capacity he could. In 2015, Geoff and Tracy returned to Michigan and helped plant a church in the area. It was at this time that God opened the door for Tracy to get a permanent position in Redwood City and later Santa Clara. God directed Geoff and Tracy to Campbell Baptist Church where Geoff volunteered his time to help in whatever capacity was needed. As they continued with the ministry at Campbell Baptist Church, God placed on their hearts a new challenge: starting a youth ministry. Together they came up with a program that emphasized scripture memorization and biblical study. They also had the desire to help with improvements around the church. They created a place where the church could gather comfortably together that they called the family room. They painted throughout the church and spruced things up to look new again. They truly grew to love the ministry at Campbell Baptist Church, but wondered where God would be leading them for the future. It was around this time they were praying about what God had next that the former Pastor stepped down and the church asked Geoff to step in as interim Pastor while they prayed regarding the direction of the church. Although this was the biggest challenge God had placed before them and they didn’t feel worthy of such an honor, they still had the hearts desire to follow in whatever capacity God wanted them. In January of 2019, after much prayer and discussion, the church asked Geoff to stay on as permanent Pastor.

The whole experience taught Geoff and Tracy some Life Lessons. First, always be open for the unknown. There are times that we only trust ourselves and what we are familiar with but when we do this, we do not allow new opportunities to open. These opportunities, though many unexpected, can take us to greater places than we would ever know. God is the Master of His perfect plan and if we are willing to trust Him, He is faithful to work out the details and do even more in us and through us than we ever thought possible.

Second, trust God even in the unknown. Happiness is not contingent on the most possessions that you can obtain or even having everything that you want in life. Real joy and contentment comes from a loving God who is always looking to do good in our lives. He wants to see the best for us but we need to be willing to trust Him and give him our best.

Third, be willing to give up your own wants for what God wants. God promises to take care of our needs and to faithfully take care of those who love and honor Him. When we are willing to give our everything over to God, He is always faithful to take care of the details and bless us. Life doesn’t have a promise of being easy, but God promises us His love and grace in even the difficult times.