Our Pastor
Geoff Stiekes
& his wife Tracy.
Meet Our Pastor:

Since 2011, Pastor Geoff and Tracy felt called to do something different. They were living in Michigan. Tracy was a nurse and Geoff was in a type of general contractor position. They knew that they wanted to do travel nursing, but God had an even bigger calling attached to that desire. Through a lot of prayer, they began to travel from each nursing assignment by God's leading. While Tracy worked, Geoff worked in a local church ministry, helping out in whatever capacity was necessary (including teaching Sunday School, giving the Gospel to the community, filling the pulpit, and even using some of his construction skills). These assignment lengths varied and there was a real testing of their faith. But God is so good and He gave them guidance and direction as they learned to patiently wait on Him. (Their mantra became, "We make our plans, but God always has the best plans.")

With each new assignment, Pastor Geoff found an increased passion for the ministry and for serving in the church. He was able to be discipled by many of the pastors that Geoff and Tracy met along the way and he spent a lot of time pouring over Scripture and theological studies. He became more aware of the need to share Christ with every person he came in contact with and God began to lay on his heart different ideas to help the ministries they were serving in.

Pastor Geoff and his wife Tracy first attended CBC in 2014 when Tracy was on a travel nurse assignment in Santa Clara, CA. Geoff and Tracy were able to assist the church with some of the needs in the ministry for what they thought would be a short time (when her contract was up). After God moved them to live in California in 2015, they continued to attend CBC and eventually became members. In 2018, the previous pastor resigned and Geoff was asked to fill in as the interim pastor as the church looked for a pastor. In January 2019, God called him to the position of full time pastor and he has been serving the Lord at Campbell Bible Church ever since. 

Pastor Geoff loves God’s Word and he loves helping and encouraging people. His goal is to teach and preach the Word of God in a way that would bring it to life and help others clearly understand how to apply truths from Scripture to their own lives. He believes that God is good and is always looking to do good in the lives of those who love Him. 

Pastor Geoff loves God and he loves music and singing praises to the Lord. He also loves to laugh and can appreciate the humor that God has intertwined within His creation. He believes that the best way to see people's lives changed is by living out the commands of God's Word through mentoring and discipleship.